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CPP Description

Psycho-pedagogical Center for education and conflict management

CPP was founded in Piacenza in 1989 by Daniele Novara, educational expert, author, teacher and pedagogist, as a specialized Institute focused on learning processes in situations of conflict.

CPP offers teachers and adults training about conflict management. During the past years original pedagogical tools addressed specifically to adults, children and teenagers have been developed.
Many books have been published by CPP’s staff: to name a few Daniele Novara, Elena Passerini, Lorella Boccalini, Laura Beltrami, Marta Versiglia, Paola Cosolo Marangon.

The Institute is based on various key concepts as follows: learn to understand the difference between conflict and violence, to manage conflicts in order to let people evolving mature relationship, to prevent and to reduce violence using highly educative tools, learning how to fight well, without misconduct behavior against people or insults, including gender based insults.

With a unique professional experience, CPP works in numerous territories and provides an active service for institutions, groups and people involved in change processes. The matrix that moves the scientific work of CPP is the “Socratic approach”. The word “Maieutic” comes from the philosopher Socrates and means midwifery: the art to let the other to give birth, in the best way possible. Maieutic means that the learning and training process is focused on the person who is learning (and fighting, too): a child, a teenager or an adult.  

The Maieutic method aims to bring their competencies out.

CPP offers a 3-year school for adults interested in conflict management and counseling; teacher training and interactive tools aimed at adults, children and young people as opportunities for creative learning in conflict situations.

CPP is an organization accredited by the Ministry of Education, University and Research - Prot N. 3304/c/3 of 09/06/2003 to run teacher trainings for Teachers and educational staff.

The magazine Conflitti. Rivista italiana di ricerca e formazione psicopedagogica carries out studies to support professionals in different sectors.

Logo CPP diretto da Daniele Novara

CPP designs and implements interventions in the field of education and organizational training for conflict management and change processes.

Through the model of maieutic advice, it manages – at national level - help desks addresses to individuals or groups and dedicated to addressing educational and conflicting issues for the development of organizational and personal change.

It organizes conferences, seminars and exhibitions to study conflict in the relationships and social and educational changes. 

The Maieutic method has been developed by Daniele Novara concerning conflict management and draws inspiration from the works of Franco Fornari, Danilo Dolci, Maria Montessori, Mario Lodi and many others.

In a maieutic context the person with his resources is in the center and the educator/teacher/parent is there to help and learn how to use it in conflict situations without direct interventions and giving their own solutions. 

Arguing well is a method developed specifically for educational staff.

In the maieutic approach the adult has the very important role of maieutic director. The maieutic method helps adults who find it difficult to change their behavior when children argue.
This helps them to stop repeating automatic and ineffective scripts, leads adults to change perspective on children’s quarrels: recognizing the skills of boys and girls in dealing with their difficulties and problems, and activating resources respecting their times, emotions, efforts and proposals.

There are several steps that help educators and teachers when dealing with difficult situations and violence.  
The personal attitude in dealing with children becomes more mature and aware of the possibility of learning soft skills and learning to fight well.

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Full legal name Centro Psicopedagogico per la pace e la gestione dei conflitti
Acronym Cpp
Address Via Campagna 83
Post Code 29121
City Piacenza
Country Italy

Telephone +390523498594


Daniele Novara

Fondatore e direttore del CPP, pedagogista e autore

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Logo CPP diretto da Daniele Novara