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CPP was born in Piacenza in 1989, founded by Daniele Novara, the actual director, as an institute specialized in learning processes involved in conflicting situations. With a unique professional experience, Cpp implements learning education courses and activities involving institutions, groups and people interested in making change trough conflict management.
The matrix that moves the CPP’s scientific work is the Socratic approach.

The core of Cpp activities and trainings is grounded on:
The conflicting relationship can be the most developed/mature form of relationship

Conflict is always a personal experience, grounded in subjective significant and personal values. Maieutic approach could guide people going inside the conflict and understand what is the meaning and what they can learn. Always conflicting relationships are opportunities to learn something and activate growing processes. Cpp address his activities especially to adults working in social fields, mediation, negotiation, education, parents, groups ‘management and coordination, teenagers at risk… and everybody wants to develop conflict management in their daily life.

CPP designs and implements interventions in the field of education and organizational training for conflict management and change processes. Through the model of maieutic advice, it manages – at national level - help desks addresses to individuals or groups and dedicated to addressing educational and conflicting issues for the development of organizational and personal change. It realizes conferences, seminars and exhibitions to study conflict in the relationships and social and educational changes.
It offers interactive tools addresses to children and youth as opportunities for creative learning. Through the magazine Conflitti. Rivista italiana di ricerca e formazione psicopedagogica it carries out scientific researches and studies to support experts in different sectors.

The CPP is an organization accredited by the Ministry of Education, University and Research - Prot N. 3304/c/3 of 09/06/2003.

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